Welcome to Devta Doolan Studio, my first brick and mortar shop. I've been in love with design and jewelry since my early twenties and have dreamed of creating a space to showcase my work, as well as the work of other artists. After many years based in Portland, Maine, I was presented with an opportunity to purchase a small building in the village of Deer Isle on the Blue Hill Peninsula in the summer of 2016. This area is steeped in natural beauty and is home to The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, many galleries, farms, lobster pounds, and creative souls from all walks of life. The natural landscape is rough, yet peaceful, and this is echoed in the community here. In short, this place has become home for me. I am exhilarated by this fulfillment of a life time goal, and full of gratitude to represent so many exciting artists in this rich, creative, and expansive place. 

Nicolette Absil  •  Agelio Batle  •  Dana Bechert  •  Belle Brooke  • Demetria Chappo  • 

Mark Chatterley  •  Namu Cho  •  Carly Cooke  •  Romulus Craft  •  

Scott & Lisa Cylinder  •  Devta Doolan  •  Emmett Freeman  •  Geoffrey Giles  • Elizabeth Garvin•

    Rebecca Hayes  • Grant Haynes  •  John Iversen  •  Dahlia Kanner  •  Dallae Kang  •

  Ahrong Kim  •  Giselle Kolb  •  Susan Mahlstedt  •  Lee Marracini  •  Kreh Mellick  •

  Patrick & Mary Kay Mohs  •  Johanna Moore  •  Rebecca Myers  •  Gabriel Ofiesh  •

  Sang Joon Park  •  Natalie Reed  •  Bree Richey  • Melinda Risk  •  Alex Sepkus  •

  Rob Sieminski  •  Teresa Sullivan  •  Tom Turner  • Raivo Vihman  •  Phil Weber  •  Brad Willis