For over forty years, Gabriel Ofiesh’s work has been known for its curves, simple forms, and smooth, graceful surfaces.

With designs ranging from bold to delicate, his collections are a mix of discovery, wearability and comfort. Threads of past design elements emerge in new pieces and in new ways. Many pieces incorporate moving elements. With the flick of a hinge, a ring becomes a pendant.

Among Gabriel’s patented Orbit Collection, a delicate band of brilliant diamonds revolves around a classic gold bead or elegant ring. He often uses diamonds and other precious gems to punctuate form or to accent color mixes—or sometimes just for the dazzle.

Gabriel’s work is designed, fabricated, and formed by hand in his studio in Charlottesville, Virginia, by him and his small staff of benchworkers. He is as creative in his approach to design as he is open-minded about how to make things work.