Johanna Moore is a gilder, frame maker, and gilded object conservator by trade, living and working in Portland, ME. In her creative process she works in both gilded surfaces and pinhole photography. The unifying force in working in these two media is light, reflected and captured. For more about Johanna's art and services, please visit her new website Lone Pine Projects

Johanna's gilded paintings below are white gold on panel with pigment. Johanna's Icon Landscapes are created by first preparing a panel by applying 10-14 layers of gesso (whiting and hide glue). The desired image is drawn onto the gesso surface. Once drawn, the surface is carved and 5-7 layers of clay bole applied.The bole is polished then gilded with genuine karat leaf using the water gilding process.The panels are burnished to make the leaf reflective. Once the surface is dry it gets sealed then painted with oil or acrylic glazes to complete the landscape.