Tucson Day Two

Started with me driving early to the motel room of a Russian dealer who spoke no English and whose wife spoke barely any English to buy more meteorite slices. I bought some yesterday and they are one of the more exciting stones I've come across in a long time. They have the characteristics of shiny reflective metal with splotchy dark patterns and are enchanting. And they don't even come from the earth. They're from outer space. Too cool. I went to sleep thinking that if I didn't get over  there first thing then someone else would get them. Nothing like a little competition to get going in the morning. I was able to buy some more and then went looking for crystals for a future project.

Meteorite Slices.JPG

Crystal culture is something I don't have a good handle on. There are three groups involved: the more academic types who loved geology as kids and appreciate the beauty of these formations, the metaphysical people who believe that crystals have magical healing powers and the South American and Indian dealers who don't really care either way but speak both languages fluently. They're just here to sell the stuff.

This girl belongs in the magical crystal crowd. She was selling crystal bowls that are actually blown glass(yes, crystal) that has been covered with ground crystals(rose quartz, amethyst etc.) and a bond has been created so that the ground crystals are fused to the crystal glass. This changes the vibration to aid the user in meditation. The user rubs a stick around the rim of the bowl and a very audible ringing sound is created that hums and drones. It's quite mesmerizing. The plain bowl she's demonstrating on was around $300. The ones with fused crystal surfaces around $3000. She seemed quite calm, was dressed all in white and took her shoes off whenever she went into the motel room to cross the white carpet to point out different styles and sizes.

White Crystal Girl.JPG
And of course there are always more variations on amethyst geodes
Spindly Amethyst Geodes 2.JPG

The shows are known for attracting a wide range of personalities and there is jewelry to for every persuasion

Bejeweled Gentleman.jpg
Bejeweled Gentleman 2.jpg

So many crystals

Boxes of Crystals.JPG
In the afternoon I went to another show that was mostly finished goods but also where I like to get labradorite beads. I got a lot of those and also way too  many lapis beads.  I forgot to photograph them. Tomorrow. These beads are 1-2mm in diameter. It's hard to imagine drilling them.
Tiny Colorful Beads.JPG

Tomorrow the two big shows open and that's where I do most of my buying. The mood is very different because the values are so much higher. It's fun but stressful fun.